So for the Plan in terms of a vision for the show

the idea from the outset was to simply  gather group of committed professionals, passionate about design in Adelaide and get a conversation going. The inevitable questions about our expertise and backgrounds become somewhat irrelevant for the show’s overall goal – which is for us as the hosts – to merely act as  facilitators between our talented design professionals and the general public –

It is not the show’s intention to denigrate or devalue any singular contribution to the  professions – it is in fact quite the opposite – to raise the profile of architects, landscape architects and designers across the board  and get back into the argument across all platforms of urban design –

Richard Weller was quoted as saying that the architect had become all but irrelevant in the residential debate –

Max Pritchard, a little closer to home – raised the roof when he insisted upon putting a north point on a plan for a project home developer – this is how far out the argument we’ve slipped – Our goal at the Plan is to work towards reinstating that reputation– through advocacy, profiling and generally trying to enact or [a]ffect a bit of a cultural shift – whereby instead of sliding into the all too familiar negative critique – – we actually focus on a more forward momentum – one that looks at celebrating the good, the innovative and the inspired architectural works – of which there are many –

so we’ll be reaching out to the very deep and rich talent pool that is South Australia’s design community  in search of these inspirations –

so by all means we invite you to  make contact through the website –– and tell us about , your projects, your inspirations, your comments, critiques and whatevers going on in your design community – – –

and finally just a  thankyou –because without your support we don’t have a show –

written by John Byleveld

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